Ulthera™ is the state-of-the-art device for non-invasive face lifting. The Ulthera™ procedure utilises concentrated energy of ultrasound waves which penetrate into deep layers of skin, not disturbing its structure. The waves tighten the existing collagen fibres and stimulate fibroblasts to produce new fibres which gradually make skin firmer and raise it. Only one procedure, and the results are so spectacular that they are compared to effects of surgical face lifting. However, contrary to surgical procedures, the skin is intact!

Ulthera™ procedure:

  • brings quick, spectacular and long-lasting effects and does not require a period of recovery,
  • ensures lifting of drooping skin on cheeks, eyelids, neck and shoulders,
  • refreshes appearance of the entire face,
  • smoothens out deep wrinkles, furrows and makes chin tighter,
  • activates natural regenerative mechanisms of body,
  • stimulates natural production of collagen fibres.

Throughout the procedure a doctor controls depth and strength of penetration of ultrasound waves on a display screen, just like in ultrasonography examination.

The procedure is not painful. When an ultrasound wave is applied, i.e. for about 1-2 seconds, there is a feeling of discomfort, but it can be easily eliminated by taking an ordinary analgesic (paracetamol type) before the procedure.

Effects of the procedure are partially, that is in about 15-20%, visible immediately. Lifting and skin firmness occurs gradually for up to 90 days after the procedure – it takes this much time to produce new collagen. Thus, the full spectacular results appears in 3 months. During this time skin progressively becomes firmer, upper eyelids are raised, cheeks become clearly smaller, neck and whole face looks younger and fresh. The period for which the effect of the procedure will last depends on individual features of patient’s body and skin. Usually, it is not needed to repeat the procedure before and the effect lasts for at least 1 year.

Currently, Ulthera™ is the only so effective alternative to invasive surgical procedures in the market. It is a unique, in terms of form, effects and safety, type of therapy which is based on outcomes of many clinical studies conducted in renowned American research centres such as: University of California in San Diego, Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Harvard Medical School, Wellman Center for Photomedicine in Massachusetts General Hospital.


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